Ship service

As part of dock repairs and service repairs, we conduct inspections and repairs on the following ship components:


  • Steering, control and alarm systems;
  • Radio and communication equipment;
  • Navigation equipment;


  • Main engine and transmissions;
  • Steering mechanisms.
  • Bow thrusters;
  • Auxiliary engines;
  • Turbochargers;
  • Main and auxiliary boilers, heat exchangers;
  • Auxiliary equipment (e.g.: pumps, separators, compressors, valves, fans, etc.);
  • Air conditioning and food refrigeration systems;
  • Ship power systems, power controls and distribution systems;
  • Shaft generators and power generators;
  • Steering, control and engine alarm systems;

On-board mechanisms:

  • Davit and boat launch systems (annual and five year inspections, certified inspectors);
  • Loading mechanisms, cranes, davits, gantry cranes (tests and repairs);
  • Anchoring and mooring equipment;
  • Traps, stairs, lifts;
  • Hydraulic and electrical drives of hatch covers;


  • Hull work, steel replacement;
  • Hatch covers and coamings (steel construction and regeneration of seals);
  • Regeneration of hinges and pins, sealing tests;
  • Surface treatment;
  • Cleaning and painting as well as tank pressure tests (e.g.: ballast, fuel, oil, fresh water, etc.);
  • Pipelines (repair and replacement - all types of materials).