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We are with you now for 29 years !




We are pleased to announce that we started the process of expanding our business with new services.

The new logotype of Marcont s.c. meets the same assumptions that were behind the creation of the first logo for more than 20 years ago. It carries all the content that we want to convey and underlines the character of our business: reliable, with long-term tradition in which innovation is the result of experience. The logo also refers to a recognizable element of a ship, which is currently located over the letter “C”.


The company MARCONT s.c. was established in 1995 in Gdynia. Its founding members are a ship mechanic with many years of experience and a shipchandler who has worked many years in this profession.

We specialise in supplying ships with all the necessary articles and devices, from food to complicated industrial shipbuilding machines.

Our greatest advantage is the experience and competence of our employees. They ensure the reliability of services and the highest quality of goods offered to our customers.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is our second advantage. We are able to fulfil the most urgent orders in a very short period of time.



Supply of ships

We offer among other things:

  • Technical and electric devices
  • Food
  • Emergency equipment (life suits and life jackets, first aid kits, fire-fighting equipment, life rafts, ropes and cables)
  • Nautical charts and publications
  • Navigation equipment (flags and day signs, navigation lights)
  • Ship consulting
  • All industrial articles available from us come from reputable manufacturers. All item posses the necessary quality and health certificates. This ensures high quality.

    We offer convenient payment terms. We offer a 10% discount for cash payments. For invoices paid through an agent or shipowner we offer deferred payment.


    Ship agency

    We offer full agency services for ships and barges at sea ports, with a particular emphasis on ports in Gdynia and Gdansk.

    Service includes:

  • Help and assistance with any vessel repair;
  • Crew transfer at the request of the client;
  • Active and regular supervision of vessels in ports;
  • Organizing the piloting of ships;
  • All other services required by vessels/barges.
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    Ship service

    As part of dock repairs and service repairs, we conduct inspections and repairs on the following ship components:


  • Steering, control and alarm systems;
  • Radio and communication equipment;
  • Navigation equipment;
  • Machinery:

  • Main engine and transmissions;
  • Steering mechanisms;
  • Bow thrusters;
  • Auxiliary engines;
  • Turbochargers;
  • Main and auxiliary boilers, heat exchangers;
  • Auxiliary equipment (e.g.: pumps, separators, compressors, valves, fans, etc.);
  • Air conditioning and food refrigeration systems;
  • Ship power systems, power controls and distribution systems;
  • Shaft generators and power generators;
  • Steering, control and engine alarm systems;
  • On-board mechanisms:

  • Davit and boat launch systems (annual and five year inspections, certified inspectors);
  • Loading mechanisms, cranes, davits, gantry cranes (tests and repairs);
  • Anchoring and mooring equipment;
  • Traps, stairs, lifts;
  • Hydraulic and electrical drives of hatch covers;
  • Hull:

  • Hull work, steel replacement;
  • Hatch covers and coamings (steel construction and regeneration of seals);
  • Regeneration of hinges and pins, sealing tests;
  • Surface treatment;
  • Cleaning and painting as well as tank pressure tests (e.g.: ballast, fuel, oil, fresh water, etc.);
  • Pipelines (repair and replacement - all types of materials).


    MarCont s.c. - Professional Shipchandler Gdynia, Gdańsk

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    TTel/Fax: (+48) 58 627 4531, mobile: (+48) 601 653 563 - 24/7

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